How to find us

From the cruise ship dock
If you disembark in PUNTA LANGOSTA you are 2 blocks away from the shop. If you disembark at the international pier, you will need a 5 minute ride on a cab.
Either way once on the main street you need to head towards CALLE 5 right on the Mc Donalds and make a turn away from the shore 1/2 a block and you'll find us.

From the mainland: Cancun.
Take a bus or taxi to Playa Del Carmen. You should buy your tickets for either before leaving the Airport building or right on the main ADO buses stop, that is about 200 yards to your right after exiting the building. The comfortable A/C buses leave every hour and take about 1 hour to reach Playa Del Carmen.
The cost for the bus is $11 usd each way per person, or a private taxi to Playa Del Carmen in about 45 minutes but costs $60 usd.
Both taxi or bus will drop you off at essentially the same place in Playa Del Carmen.

From Playa del Carmen.
Once in Playa Del Carmen you will have about 400 yards to go before the ferry pier.
The ferry leaves every hour, Price is around $14 usd each way.

From the ferry station.
Once you land in Cozumel you will be right downtown on the ferry pier.
At the street end of the pier there are lots of Taxis ready to transport you or you can walk 3 blocks from there.
For the Aldora Divers office just make a right, heading south for three blocks on the main street and turn left on Calle 5 and make a turn away from the shore 1/2 a block and you'll find us.
Once there we will take care of everything else...whew!