Discover Scuba/Resort Course with all gear.....$97
Additional Resort Dives from boat.....$55

2 Tank Dive AM ....$95
Special Request East side diving trip.....$150
Twilight 2 tanks.....$96
1 Tank Dive PM .....$55, minimum 4 divers
1 Tank Night Dive .....$60
Nitrox tank.....$10
Villa express.....$55, minimum 2 divers
Aldora Adventures.....$200
*Book a day in advance
Marine Park fee not included.
Haven't been diving in a while?
Refresher plus (includes 1 boat dive).....$150
NOTE: Federal and state taxes are not included.

PRIVATE CHARTERS are available.

Our policy for divers coming from the cruise ships, is that we require they do a private charter, as our boats depart at 7:30am and a later departure has an impact on our regular divers/trips. The private charter including tax and Marine park fees, is priced at $673, we do offer a 10% discount for cash payment and that would give you a total after discount of $606.

Gear rental is not included and full gear rental is priced at $37 per person and includes: bcd, wet-suit, regulator, mask, fins & computer.

Private guide.....$60

PRIVATE PHOTO OR VIDEO....Please call the dive shop

GEAR rental
Full gear $30/day/ $15 per day for 3 or more days
Individual items= $10 per day/$5 per day after 3 or more days
Dive Lights= $10 per day
Dive Computers are required for diving with Aldora = $7 per day, credited towards discount purchase if desired.

NOTE: Federal and state taxes are not included.

Cancellation policy
If you need to cancel your dives, please let us know before 7.30 PM the night before. This way we will know that we can use that space on the boat for someone else and your equipment will not be sent on the boat.
If you cancel the same morning, we will have to charge for the space on the boat, not for the nitrox (if you were diving nitrox), but only for the space on the boat or private guides (if you requested one).
If you are sick, please give us a call and we will be happy to help, referring to the right doctor that can help you.
If you dive with us in the morning, but wish to cancel a third tank, twilight or night dive, please let your guide know before you get off at your pier. If you just don’t show up at the pier or you cancel once the boat is on its way, we will have to charge for your space on the boat.
If you want to party, please enjoy it and don’t dive with us the next morning. We cannot take you diving if you are under the influence of alcohol or in a bad condition. Don't drink any alcohol between dives.

Aldora modifies policy for serving Cruise Ship Divers
Why? Because we can't do a good job of it!
We have 8 boats that can serve divers and we do a pretty good job of providing a high level of personal service. In February of 2018 we served 681 diver days. That is possible mainly because we can meet with our divers the day or evening before diving to ascertain special requests, explain our procedures and make sure everything is in order for their dive vacation. By physically meeting with our divers, prior to their following dives we can carefully orchestrate the boat loading, timing, etc. for each of our boats. This is especially problematic in the very high season and it is not a big stretch to compare each day to a major deployment that has to be carefully arranged. Lists for each boat, divers gear for each boat, which tanks (120s, 100s, Nitrox 32%, Nitrox 36%), all of that is personalized and it starts at 6am for our staff.

However, with Cruise Ship divers we have little or no opportunity for direct face-to-face communication before they show up. Instead we have to rely on e-mail, or at the best a phone call. Both of which leave us open for missed communication. Try spam filters, language differences, or even mistakes on the part of some of our staff. Sometimes the cruise ship divers don't pay attention to our instructions, have difficulty getting off the ships, show up at the wrong dock instead of our office — or we have no idea what time they will really show up. All of that and most of the times we have a very late departure for a boat of 2 to 3 divers in which we are assured to lose money.

The end result is that we may make a 1,000 people happy-- and one cruise ship diver is upset... for whatever "wrong" we may have done. Then we get criticized on the internet. That is just not worth it for us and we are basically ending it. So, from now on we will only take cruise ship reservations from middle May thru October 31st in each year and only if made for 5 or more divers. Those who are familiar with Aldora and our procedures may call us to make exceptions.

Dave Dillehay
Aldora Divers