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Watch Pete Bucknell diving with Aldora Divers

Why should we dive with Aldora?

Watch Pete Bucknell diving with Aldora Divers

As you may know Aldora provides exceptionally long dives by using high capacity tanks (50% more air) and computer aided multi level dives. Indeed the average including deep dives and ALL divers is over 1 hour 10 minutes per tank and that is about double what the cattle boat or mom and pop operators provide. In addition to all that time diving, you do it at only the best dive sites to the far south, and in small groups of similar divers. Most other shops have a surcharge for what Aldora does everyday.

And we do a very good job of keeping experts and novices separated and in our 8 boats. Finally on diving, Aldora, and only Aldora can provide our Special Ops service. That means a multitude of newly identified and pristine sites near the north end of the island, and the absolute greatest adventure is “the Caves of Sleeping Sharks”—you must view the video to believe.

Then there is the consideration of dive quality. Cattle boats almost always have groups go down with 1 dive guide for every 8 people, frequently in a scene like being in a glass of water with an Alka Seltzer tablet. Most of the small boat operators will take 8 divers per boat. It is our opinion that any more than 6 divers may make it uncomfortable, to do the wonderful swim throughs that make Cozumel so special.

At Aldora we do our best to limit dive group size to a maximum of 6, and there can be a big difference in the dive quality between an operator who has groups of 8 and those with 6. Our average load is 4 divers and we always, always make sure that all divers in the group have similar skills and interests. In that effort we are not perfect, and occasionally must add a 7th diver if forced to while some of our other boats only have 3 or 4 divers. In addition, gas burn and time are never part of the site selection decision.

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